Friday, June 28, 2013

MORE QR Codes!

Where will this take you? 

So the last time I wrote about QR codes, I wrote about using them for self checking assessments. (You can find the blog post HERE and there is a link to a freebie from there as well!) But this time I was thinking about how I can use them for classroom management. So I've come up with several ideas that I can't wait to use this year!

  • Videos - I make or find videos for my students so that they can review math topics when they get stuck or when they are studying for a test. They have found them very helpful, but sometimes have a hard time finding them on my Edmodo sight if they are not directly above the fold on the home page. I can use the URL from the video to attach to a QR code, print them off and have them put them in their INB with their notes for that topic. 
  • Anchor Charts - I usually only keep anchor charts up for current topics, unless it is over something that we constantly refer back to. I have seen ideas for taking pictures and keeping them in a binder in the classroom for students refer to, and this would be nice especially for me! You can do the same thing with the QR codes by taking pictures of the chart. 
  • PowerPoint, InterWrite, SMART board - My school uses InterWrite tablets, and I absolutely love mine and don't know what I did before. It basically lets me control my computer, while also combining the interactive whiteboard. It uses a projector and screen so I still have my full whiteboard when I don't need it. Anyways, you could do the same things with these types of files but I would first convert or save them as a PDF file to avoid issues of not being able to open the file. 
  • Teacher Information - Parents can scan these on open house nights, parent teacher conferences, etc. to instantly have your contact information sent to their phone.
  • Secret Award Incentives - Print the codes and place on cards, bottle caps, etc. and have students draw for an incentive. They scan the code to find their secret award!
  • Links - I have posted one on my whiteboard with a "Scan Me" sign for students to scan as they come into class for a link we will be using that day. No more worrying about spelling or broken links!
  • Classroom Newsletters - Go Green! Send home QR codes for parents to scan to get your classroom newsletter!
If you don't have access to smart phones or iPads in your classroom, don't worry! You can download readers for computers that will work with a webcam! Very easy!
What are some other ways that you have used QR codes in your classroom?

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