Saturday, December 15, 2012

QR Codes - Self Checking Assessment

Hmmm...Where will this take you?!
First of all, I can not take all of the credit for coming up with this idea! My grade level partner, Laura, introduced me to using QR codes and scanners for students to self check assignments. I have loved using these, and the kids love them too! It takes what is normally boring math practice and turns it into a fun, technology activity for the kids. And it takes almost no time at all to plan!

QR codes, short for quick response, are a type of matrix barcode that are tide with different types of information. You can use them with plain text, websites, app downloads, contact info, etc. All you need is a code generator and a app device with a QR reader app downloaded.

My favorite code generator website to use is QR Stuff. They have 20 different ways you can enter information including the ones I mentioned before and YouTube, PayPal, social media, etc. I use plain text so when it it scanned only words will appear. This also let's the students not have to use WiFi to access a link, sometimes ours is a little spotty. Laura has done it to were the text is in a Google doc and they have to click on the link to see the text. Both methods work.

I download the barcode as a jpeg, and paste them into the document I've typed the worksheet on and cut them out. I tried this past time downloading them and printing one to a page and they came out really big which I thought would help, but they weren't as easy to scan. During the warm up of the next class I reprinted a small version and they worked much better.

My favorite app to use is called Scan because it is available on Apple and Android devices. I have told the students to download the app at home because they can not access the stores at school, and saves time. This app also shows the history of what you scanned. It is very user friendly and we haven't had any problems with it.

Here is a link to my NEW TeachersPayTeachers store for a FREE download of an activity that I have created that uses the QR codes! Cross-Multiply-QR-Self-Check

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