Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Going Paperless - Flubaroo

Last semester at the OCTI professional development, I learned about a "script" through Google Drive that will grade forms and send grades to students through email. Because of our impending grading tool from my previous post, I was so excited!

You create the assignment using a form on Google Drive, and you can add as many questions and different type of questions as you liked. It is best to use multiple choice questions because of the computer having to interpret short term answers. It will also analyze the questions based on how many students got the question right when compared to the total, and create reports and charts. It displays the grades in a spreadsheet to allow for organization. You can send their scores and what questions they missed through their email address. Because all of our students in the district have an email address, I would instruct them to use this address because some email servers are blocked at school.

I think this would be best for an EXIT slip or short quiz. Students can take the assignment on a computer, tablet, or smart phone so long as they have the link. Our iPad cart has an email address attached to each iPad where I would send the address to prevent incorrect links.

I have not tried this out with a class yet because we are out for the summer, but what I have tried on my own works very well! Attached are DETAILED instructions from everything to creating the assignment to sending the grades. I have also included screen shots of the process in an additional link. Enjoy!

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