Friday, August 2, 2013

Tune Into Technology: QR Codes!

Update: I found this PowerPoint presentation on one of my favorite websites that explains QR codes very well and has some examples of how they incorporate them into classroom/schools. I wanted to share it with all you! QR Codes in the Classroom

I am so sad to see this linky party come to an end. I have really enjoyed writing for it and have enjoyed reading everyone's ideas! Thank you so much to Kristin from iTeach 1:1 and Amanda and Aylin at Learning to the Core for hosting this wonderful linky party!

I have already written two posts about using QR codes before. One was written on Self-Checking Assessments and the other was ideas that I want to use for Classroom Management this year. I can't wait to implement them.

My favorite QR generators are QRstuff and Microsoft Tag. I use QRstuff on a more regular basis, but the nice thing about Tag is that you can change the code without having to print a new QR. This would be helpful if you had a laminated sign for links to visit that you would hang at the door or front of class, and you could change the links whenever you needed to. My favorite QR reader app is Scan available on both Apple and Android devices.

But Melissa, I don't have any smart devices in my classroom! No devices? No problem! One myth that I want to dissolve DON'T have to have a Smart phone or device to use!!! You can use QR codes with a web cam and the internet. Download one of these programs to use right on your computer, Google Chrome Add-On or QuickMark. With the Google Chrome Add-On if the code is on the computer (webpage, blog, word doc, etc), you don't need a webcame! Simply right click the image and select Read QR code from Image.

Since I teach middle school, I do not have centers for my students. For activities, I use them more in a scavenger hunt way. I have done them where they have the problem and have to scan to check the answer and where they had the answer (from a previous problem) and had to scan for the next problem. Scanning to check the answer is MUCH easier for them and you! Some of my codes got in an infinite loop and caused some issues. Here is an example of the assignment and the codes. I cut the codes out and put them on colored index cards so they stick out on the walls and whiteboard. Somehow, I never got a picture of them doing these! (probably because I lent out my iPhone and iPad for them to use lol) I did use a worksheet style so that they could put them in their INB. Even with it being a worksheet, they love these and ask when we are going to do them again! If I can get middle schoolers to actually want to do math, I have succeeded. :-) 

When I have an app I want the kids to download...I print QR codes. Sometimes I will leave one code at the front of the room (one each for Apple and Android), or I will make slips to give to the kids so they can download at home. No more wrong apps, broken links, "I can't find it", etc! I have these posters hanging in the classroom of apps that we commonly use. 

This year I am trying out new ways to use QR codes and will definitely be sharing them with ya'll!! And I promise I will be taking more pictures of my students using and implementing them in the classroom! 

Do you have any different ideas or ways you use QR codes in your classroom? Two more days left of summer for me, yet I am about to head up to school. The life of a teacher!


Kristin Kennedy said...

I've never heard of Microsoft Tag, but it sounds very useful! I like your QR code scavenger hunt ideas and also all your management ideas using QR codes. Thanks for linking up with us. Good luck going back to school!:)

iTeach 1:1

Alison said...

I used Microsoft Tag the other night for the first time. It was pretty easy to navigate once I figured out my password.
Rockin' and Learnin' Lovin'

The TechKnowledgey Teacher said...

I've only used Tag for a few things because you can change them and not have to re-print them. I added a PowerPoint I found on a website with even more ideas on QR codes!

The TechKnowledgey Teacher

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