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Tune into Technology: Technology Management and Organization

So this was the first week I have "unofficially" been back at school. I helped out in the office a bit, worked on my classroom, and have been trying to get organized. But I am quickly seeing what my blogging will be like come August. I apologize for being late with this linky party, but am thankful they leave it open for a week. This week is dedicated to management and organization. I do not deal much with the organization part since I do not have any devices in my classroom, everything is BYOD. But I have been learning more about the management part.

Set HIGH expectations

I have high expectations for behavior in my classroom regardless, and reinforce them often. I use devices more than other teachers on my team and they love using them. They know from the beginning that this is a privilege and they can just as easily lose this. If you are on another app, texting, facebook, anything your device will be taken up, turned into the office for seven days (board policy) and you will not be allowed to use a device on our next activity. I only had a few problems the whole year. Taking away a phone from a teenager? You might as well be cutting off a limb, and they don't like to risk it. :-)

1, 2, 3 Eyes on Me

Now that is not the attention grabber I use for middle school, but have you ever tried to get and maintain their attention when they have technology in their hands?! This one I actually picked up from my mom! She is a substitute teacher primarily for high school and will let the students listen to music while they are working. She tells they must stay on one play list, turn the device upside down, and she should not be able to hear the volume. Now, I only let them listen to music for rewards, but I have them turn them upside down when waiting for instructions, beginning the activity, etc. This way I have their attention! 


If there is an app to download, they must have it downloaded before they come to class, or they will not be able to use the device. This is just a time management thing. Our Wi-Fi is spotty at times, a lot of students don't know their iTunes passwords, or parents do not let them download without permission. I let them know well in advanced what app they need, and what devices it will work on. I will also give them something to help them download the correct app, but you'll have to wait and see for next Thursday on QR codes for that one! ;-)

I also keep this poster up in my classroom at all times. It lets them and parents know what kinds of apps we use regularly, or ones that I suggest for math help. Great for Back to School night!

iPad Cart Checkout

We have a checkout sheet we have to use for each class period whenever we have the iPad cart. My kids have a number for their calculator card that they use, and I assign iPads based on this number as well. I have my Teacher Helper stand at the cart to hand them out, while I take care of the list. Their names have already been written on the list, but we have to sign for each one. 

What device can I use?

Not all apps are available on all markets. Typically, the Apple market has more educational apps. If you are doing a Bring Your Own Device activity, I would suggest this FREE poster I made to let students know which devices they can use.

What are some of the things you use for classroom management or organization?
Make sure to Tune Back Into Technology for QR Codes!

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Kristin Kennedy said...

I've also found that I have very few problems because they are so terrified of losing out on using the technology. I really like the 7 day policy and the fact that it's consistent! Thanks for linking up your great tips with us.:)

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