Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tune into Technology: Math!!

I am (late) linking up with iTeach 1:1 for their Tune into Technology link up! We are visiting family in TN for three week so I haven't had as much blogging time as I would like. Last trip before getting back to the grind of school! Each Thursday they are doing a linky party for technology with different themes. This week it's Technology in Math. Other topics will be iPads, websites, and probably my favorite, QR codes!!

For those of you that don't know, while I love technolgoy (and actually started out in college as a Comp. Sci. Engineering major) I actually teach 7th grade mathematics. So combining my two loves, I was totally excited! So here are a few of my favorite things to do with technology when it comes to math! These are all games and websites you can do in class or students can play at home.

Fun-4-The-Brain - Math Facts self timed quizzes

I teach two RTI classes, one every day for 45 minutes and one once a week for 45 minutes. We did not focus on math facts towards the end of the year (I don't know what I was thinking!), but this is something we are starting right off the bat with. I want to build their confidence in math and I feel like finally mastering these basics will help them. I'd like to not just do multiplication/division but also addition and subtraction to help them build the fundamentals. Friday is our testing day in my class that meets everyday, and this is so easy to use! Unfortunately it doesn't work on the iPads.

Manga High - Grades 2 through High School

Our students loved doing games and challenges on this website because they competed with other schools internationally. At one point our school was ranked in the top ten, but since its summer we currently are not ranked. You assign topics that you are working on currently and the students play games and challeges associated with them. A con is that it is a British based program so some of the vocabulary is different. 

Middle Grades "Monkey" App - 6th-8th Math, Science, and Vocabulary

When students are done with an activity, we had them complete default activities that reinforced math skills or were brain teasers. This was a lot of paper and very time consuming so they eventually faded out. When we were working on integers, I found these apps for the kids to play at home, but I eventually let them play in class when done with their classwork. You get some subjects for free but can purchase an additional levels for $.99. Each subject has three levels. You can reset the scores to go to the first level if multiple people play on the same device. You can also send the scores to an email address. We affectionately called them the Monkey App because they have monkeys on the app icon. I keep them on my iPhone and iPad and let the students play with mine if they don't have their own device.

Middle Grades Math 7
What are some of your favorite math based technology that you use?


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Kristin Kennedy said...

Thanks for linking up all your great ideas. I'm also trying to be better about fact fluency and the fundamentals at the beginning of the year. Going to go check out these sites right now.

iTeach 1:1

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