Saturday, February 8, 2014

Simple "Snippets"

There is a helpful tool on your PC computer that not many people know about! It has helped me so much since I discovered it!

I present to you "The Snipping Tool"

Everyone has probably taken a screenshot before, opened/painted/cropped into paint, and saved so you could have a portion of the screen. The Snipping Tool allows you to select a portion of your computer screen and takes a screenshot. You can then copy or save it as a .png or .jpeg file.

This tool can be so useful! 
  • When I am making QR code activities, instead of downloading each code and having hundreds of codes on my computer (all that look similar and you can't tell one from the other) I take a "snippet" of it and can paste it right into the file I am working on. 
  • I have a student that uses an iPad to take notes, complete worksheets, essentially everything. I can screenshot individual ppt slides for warm ups, worksheets that aren't compatible with iPad, etc. I can then easily save them to her Dropbox which sends them to her iPad. She can open into Notability and edit, type, etc. on. 
  • Ever found an activity that you like bits and pieces of? "Snip" the parts you like and paste them into word or another program and you have a customized activity. 
Do you have any other tricks or tips up your sleeve?


Kallie Glascock said...

Where do I find this snip it tool?

The TechKnowledgey Teacher said...

On a PC that runs on Windows operating system it is under Accessories.

For MAC computers you could try these instructions. It is not a program but will still take the screen shot. I do not know if this will work since I do not have a MAC.

--For a full screen capture, use the Command, Shift and 3 keys. For a specific screen capture, use Command, Shift and 4 keys. You could also download the app "Snip"

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