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When did October get here?! I swear yesterday was the beginning of the school year, and now end of 1st Quarter is Thursday! I know I have been behind on updating, please forgive me! I need to find a way to balance school, life, and blogging. If one of you finds out the magic secret, let the others know please! :-)

So I figured a way to ease my way back into blogging without feeling overwhelmed would be to link up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her monthly Currently! I did one in August on Goals and actually have posted it on the back cover of my teacher binder this year so I am constantly looking at it.

Listening - Pandora Radio

So I am obsessed with Pandora Radio. Every morning when I get to school I turn it on when I first get there. I love to listen to a station I created based on Vitamin String Orchestra. They are an instrumentalist group that does popular music and some oldies. Right now it is playing Rolling in the Deep by Adele but it is all instrumental. From this there has also been some instrumental Christian music, and classics. What I love about it is how relaxing it is, and if students walk in and it is on a Christian song or a song that might have some language, I don't have to worry about the words. I have now begun listening to it at home when working on school work and it is helping me be productive! Check them out, they are a great group! 

Loving - Fall Weather

It has been a rainy weekend that is bringing with it cooler temperatures. But I love this time of year and the weather. I hate that it rained out the Art Show and there has been a lot of flooding though. Our drives to Chattanooga will soon include the gorgeous mountains with changing leaves. I need to switch over my wardrobe soon though! We are going to the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular this next weekend and I am so excited. Here is just a glimpse at what it looks like from last year.

Thinking - Too much to do!

I've been working on my presentation that I am giving tomorrow at our county's technology conference. The presentation is on Math and Science apps. I am so excited, but it's been a lot of work. It's a busy week at school with meetings and I am being observed as well. I have a whole list of stuff I need to work on in my room, but I can't seem to find the time to do those things I want to do to help organize when I have/need to grade, create activities, etc. 

Wanting - FALL BREAK!!!

12 days! Included in those twelve days is a weekend, field trip, early release day, schedule rotation, and lots of grading. That twelve days can not come quick enough! Road trip to Memphis for a wedding, football game, and seeing friends and then to Chattanooga to see my new "nephew" that will be here any day now and friends! Can't wait!!

Needing - Write Sub Plans

I say it every time, it is more work to be away from school than it is to be there. I am taking a 1/2 day in the morning tomorrow for the presentation. The classes that I am missing are of course different preps, and we are at the beginning of new material so I can't leave them practice over what we've been working on. Just stressful. Jon is starting to substitute teach now in Jefferson County schools so I am hearing lots of interesting substitute stories. He's actually had two of my previous students already as well!

Trick or Treat - Appolearning

This app has been a lifesaver during the presentation. I could give you a list a mile long about Math apps that are great for the classroom, and I was struggling to find some for Science even asking friends for suggestions. I found this one on Apps Gone Free (another must download!). It is literally an app that rates other apps. It sorts them by grade level, subject, and subject strand. It even includes Sp.Ed., Fine Arts, Productivity, and College Prep! It has been amazing. Check out this video! 

I promise I will try much harder with updating the blog and sharing with you all of my technology ideas! Do you have any new tips for me to try out?


Liz said...

Hey Melissa! I found you through the CURRENTLY linky and I'm so glad I did! I have been a bad blogger also lol. I LOVEEEE the fall weather also, and I'm super jealous of that amazing Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular. I can't wait to check out that Pandora station too :)

Floating Through Fifth

Flamingos and Butterflies said...

Hi! I found you at Farley's.

I know just what you mean about sub plans. I had to be out two days last week, and the work just to get ready to be out is more than enough...but the work to clean up and reteach afterwards...goodness. More trouble than it's worth, LOL.

Have a great year!

Flamingos and Butterflies

Tasha Whitt said...

I found you through the Currently link up! I'm a little late! I have been listening to the same type of music! Have you heard of The Piano Guys. I'm in love with their music!! I love your blog and I am a new follower!

Teaching with TLC,
A Tender Teacher for Special Needs

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