Monday, February 25, 2013

OCTI 2013 is here!

Oldham County Technology Institute is here! Two days worth of professional development that I am actually going to enjoy! Lots of apps, websites, collaboration, and observing technology in the classroom.

Today we had a session on apps and websites to use in the classroom. What I loved about these sessions is it gave us a lot of resources in a small amount of time. They talked about 50 apps and 40 websites in two hour long sessions !They talked about the highlights and important information about each app or website, and then you can go out on your own and discover the apps/websites more in depth. I created an app folder called "Apps to Try" because I had so many new ideas. After each session, we had breakout sessions that focused on one of three different things that were discussed during the session.

Tomorrow we are observing in the morning, and come back for a "technology smack down!" and Teacher Productivity app seminar. I am presenting Teacher Assistant during the "smack down", 3 minutes to tell about your app. Whoever has the best app wins a prize.

Here are some of the links to presentations that we had!

  1. 40 Apps in 40 Minutes - a little information about a lot of apps! divided into topic groups! I made an apps to try folder on my iPad of apps I was enticed by and have gone in and played with each one to see if I liked them or not.
  2. Notability  
  3. 40.5 Sites in 40 Minutes - similar to 40 apps, but about websites.
  4. The Flipped Classroom - using videos to flip your classroom
  5. Computing in the Educational Cloud - Dropbox, Google Drive

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