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I grew up being taught by what was called "21st century teachers" in my school district. These teachers were the pioneers of using technology in the classroom. It was by coincidence that I had these specific teachers during 1st through 5th grade, and I consider myself very lucky and blessed for everything they have taught me.

We have come a long way from then, with access to technology that we could never have dreamed of. I have been teaching Middle Grades Mathematics for three years now. I graduated from UT Chattanooga in Middle Grades Education. But that's not where I started. I was originally a double major with Computer Science as well. I have always had a passion and interest in technology, especially design. I love creating PowerPoints, Excel Sheets, and other designs for fun! I am blessed to have access to a wide variety of technology inside my classroom and have enjoyed incoporating them in my lessons.

 I have done discovery lessons of students solving Algebra with iPads, QR activities for students to self check their practice, webquests, Show Me videos, and so much more. With everything, I have learned a little and make it better for the next year. I decided to write this project to help with the reflection process, but to also show teachers that you don't have to be afraid of using technology and to embrace it!

One day, I hope to teach teachers through professional developments on how to use technology in the classroom SUCCESSFULLY or to be a Technology Coordinator at a School or District level. But in the mean time, I will continue to teach middle grades math and develop my blog. Next Year I plan to attend U of Louisville to begin my masters in Instructional Technology.

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